we’ll be back when we get a new hose all right back again for attempt number three on this hose on going to check and make sure for starters that the inlet to the compressor that connection is good and once again try to install this hose and then we’re going to vacuum the system down and check for leaks and then if there aren’t any leaks I’m going to go.

Back and install the receiver dryer go back and check for leaks again and then recharge the system so through the magic of editing I’m going to pop this thing on the car so now I’m going to hook my gauges up run a vacuum on it we can see if the system holds vacuum all right I’ve been running a vacuum on this for about minutes so the next step that I’m going to take.

I’m going to close off the valves on the gauges turn out the vacuum pump and let it sit for like another minutes and see if the pressure drops or the vacuum goes away well this is an encouraging sign because it’s been about minutes and it doesn’t look like the vacuum has changed at all so there’s still vacuum on the system however as part of my plan I didn’t want to replace the receiver dryer until I was absolutely certain that there were no leaks in the system but now that I’m fairly certain that there are any leaks on the system I’m going to now replace.

you don’t need to crank things down an AC parts so tight you break them just make it snug this is a very long wrench so you don’t need to twist it too much and you’re exerting a lot of force now let’s swap the o-rings on the lines and get this on the vehicle get it vacuuming down again I’m just going to take my pocket.