Question when the judge issues Tucson domestic violence lawyer the protective orders would it be incumbent upon the police officers to serve these on the defendant well Montgomery county they actually are given the defendant is given a copy of that before he leaves the jail if he post a bond in this case so so they gate copy of that and the the important part about that is if if you are charged with domestic violence and you receive.

A protective order and in the course of that time you commit a second domestic violence charge under a protective order then the penalties go pretty substantially well let’s talk about that we know as lawyers that the crime is one issue but once a judge is issued protective order it’s a totally different situation if someone violates the protect able that’s true the big difference is that the judge cannot suspend your sentence you get days in jail if you violate a protection order without any questions even if the judge.

Didn’t want to for some reason the judge couldn’t do that so it’s mandatory days in jail if you violate that with while committing a new crime then Didn’t realize that I mean that’s pretty important so if a judge issues protective order in the case let’s saying the typical case he tells the husband who’s been charged with domestic violence to to stay away from the wife’s workplace and the husband violates that protective order then no discretion days in prison that’s right.

who would stay with a man who beats me, but in fact I was a very typical victim because of my age. I was , and in the United States, women ages to are three times as likely to be domestic violence victims as women of other ages, and over women and girls this age are killed every year by abusive partners, boyfriends, and husbands in the United States.