So you just want to make note and how the routing is whether it takes a picture or drawing or make sure that you have a diagram under the hood somewhere so that way Rian’sreinstalling it is a lot smoother cross okay okay so now that we have the belt removed we’re going to remove the lines one line is already removed from one side that was a sight a chin to the condenser the other side tucson air conditioning parts.

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We’re going to remove this nut right here and this will free this line up and then we can remove our compressor mounting bolts you so now we’re ready to go below and remove the compressor mounting bolts alright so now we’re going to remove the AC compressor mounting bolts there’s two on the top and two on the bottom but to get the compressor out easily instead of having to remove the filter and the oil pressure sensor Air Conditioning Repair.

We’re going to remove the inner wheel well cover here for the belt guard so that way we can come out with that compressor on that side alright to remove the inner wheel well cover there we turn the wheel all the way to give us some more room we got two ten millimeter bolts holding it into there was a couple more bolts if someone’s been here before I didn’t put all the bolts back so first we’re going to remove the top bolts.

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They’re the harder ones to get to that way when the compressor is kind of dangling we’re not holding all the weight you have to leave that one in pull it out a little long just have to remember thatI’m putting it back together that we have to free air conditioning insult at least that one so far.