When you buy Kratom, it will be sold by the ounce (16oz = 1lb). But, when you see Kratom dosages listed, they will be by the gram. So, how are you supposed to properly measure your dosage of Kratom?

Best Solution – Get a Kitchen Scale
The best and most accurate way to measure Kratom is to get a kitchen scale. These can be found fairly cheaply online. Just make sure yours is sensitive enough to measure small amounts. The weight range should be listed on the product features when you buy. Also make sure that the scale has metric (grams) as an option.

Measuring Kratom without a Scale
If you don’t want to buy a kitchen scale to measure Kratom, then you can use teaspoons to measure instead. This method isn’t very accurate because different brands of Kratom can be cut differently. For example, a very finely-cut brand of Kratom might have 2.25 grams in a teaspoon whereas a large-cut Kratom might have under 1 gram in a teaspoon.

• Crushed Leaf: Usually about 0.9 grams in a level teaspoon, and 2.7 grams in a level Tablespoon.
• Dried Leaf Powder: Usually about 1.5 to 2.0 grams of Kratom in a teaspoon
• Kratom Extract Powder: Usually about 2.5-3 grams of Kratom

These measurements are based on a LEVEL spoons. That means that the Kratom will sit flat on the spoon, and not rounded up on it.

Again, these are just estimates on how to measure Kratom without a scale. It is best that you get a scale to measure your dosage properly. Since the dosage without a scale isn’t exact, always start out with a low dosage to play it safe.